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A.R.I. Cuneo - Italy - Award "PENNE NERE" - (Black Feathers) - may 2007 General rules On event of the 80th National Alpine soldiers gathering that will be held in Cuneo on 12th & 13th May 2007, the members of the A.R.I. Club “Section of Cuneo” deliberated to promote a special Award called :


From 00.00 UTC of May 1st to 24.00 UTC of May 31 2007, a station with the special Call "IR1ALP" was on air. To obtain the aforesaid Award, it is necessary to show proof of contacts with the “IR1ALP” station in the following modalities:

Allowed Bands: (HF) 80, 40, 20, 15 & 10 meters; (VHF) 2 meters Allowed Modes: SSB, CW, PSK31, RTTY. Excluded: WARC bands, repeaters, transponders, echo-link. The call from IR1ALP was sent in the following forms: CW CQ IR1ALP CN Other modes: CQ IR1ALP - 80th Alpine Gathering Cuneo, or the same as CW.

Two Way communications / SWL reports with Italian stations (HF or VHF) 5 QSO/HRD VHF on SSB mode or 5 QSO/HRD HF on SSB only mode or 4 QSO/HRD HF on CW only mode or 4 QSO/HRD HF on CW, SSB, PSK, RTTY mixed mode. The station IR1ALP could be contacted only once a day for each band and each mode.

Two Way communications / SWL reports with European stations (HF) 4 QSO/HRD HF on SSB only mode or 3 QSO/HRD HF on CW only mode or 3 QSO/HRD HF on CW, SSB, PSK, RTTY mixed mode. The station IR1ALP could be contacted only once a day for each band and each mode.

Two Way communications / SWL reports with DX stations (outside Europe) (HF) 3 QSO/HRD HF on SSB only mode or 2 QSO/HRD HF on CW only mode or 2 QSO/HRD HF on CW, SSB, PSK, RTTY mixed mode. The station IR1ALP could be contacted only once every 3 hours period of time, for each band and each mode

The "PENNE NERE" (Black Feathers) Award, will be issued and sent to everyone that will make a request within the term of 31/09/2007, sending directly the log of the QSO's or SWL giving the proof of reports to the Award Manager - IK1AAS, Bruno Giraudo, C.so Barale, 35, I-12011, Borgo S. Dalmazzo (CN), ITALY, or via e-mail: ir1alp@libero.it . The log for the claimed reports, when sent via e-mail , must be, preferably, in EXCEL or TXT format, but will be accepted also if sent in ADIF. When instead sent via regular mail to the award manager address, will be, of course on printed form. Together with the log, a sum of 8 Euros (eight) or 10 Dollars (ten) must be sent as reimbursement for the postal expenses For any more info write to the e-mail address as before. Please, on the e-mail subject, be sure to write the following: "DIPLOMA PENNE NERE". During the days of May 12th (Saturday) and 13th (Sunday), that is for the top of the event, the station “IR1ALP” did transmit some SPECIAL CQ calls, in brief intervals, (for a maximum of 20/30 QSO for each frequency/mode). The QSL's sent for the QSO's as before , will have a special postage stamp affixed for the specific event. A warm thank is given also to the other ham stations of nearby A.R.I. Club Sections of Cuneo Province that gave their help or directly participated to the on-air operations. -----------------

Some pondering after the end of the carousel

Nearly 9000 QSO in a month. This seems me a result worthing some remarks. IR1ALP, enabled by the radio amateurs of the Sezione ARI of Cuneo, with the active collaboration of the OMs of nearby Sections of Bra and Mondovì, represented a worthy radio-corollary to the great 80th National Gathering of Alpine Troops, hosted by our City and culminated with the big Parade on 12th and 13th of just ended month of May. (more than 400.000 people in a 50.000 inhab. town) The QSOs of those two days, involving the dispatch of a QSL with special postal cancellation, have been done from a military tent of the Brigata Taurinense mounted in his "military citadel" and visited by a great number of fans. IR1ALP was able to show a special "Parade Uniform" for the occasion. Yaesu Italy through the kind request of IZ1EZN brought us a brand new FTdx-9000 that we use and appreciate so much for the two special days.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° My first notes.. other will follow, much detailed and keen on the subject from other hams:

- Good activity and deep and positive collaboration among all local (and not so local also) OMs.

- Great interest for the diploma "Black Feathers - Penne Nere",linked to the activity of the IR1ALP station both by Italian and by foreigners .

- The propagation didn't help us in many occasions, especially toward the Italian area 3 from which, in particular,we received many requests showing great interest for the diploma. We assure all that we tried and did our best.

-Most of the QSOs were in CW (more than half of the total), owing to the ability and the abnegation of Bruno IK1AAS and of Ernest IK1GPK, above all, without nothing taking away from other operators that have given their contribution even in CW but also in SSB, RTTY and PSK31

- In-depth analysis, computations , pie charts and many other statistics will follow as work of Alfredo I1DPH , as soon as he will be a little less busy on qsl and diploma sending duties.

For now a warm thanks from all of us ,and me in particular, to those people that have contributed to the result of this year, helping, comforting, understanding, and having QSOs with us and sometime, perhaps, closing an eye (or both !) on some of our lacks or mistakes (both on air and on my Italian-English translations).

I am saying "this" year because I have a feeling that , IK1AAS, the award manager probably has an idea not to put an end to all of the matter.

Ciao and 73 Silvio. I1SU